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what our clients have to say

#1 Underpriced attention

Stop overpaying for results!  Like all social media platforms, TikTok has developed ‘TikTok Ads’ to allow brands to pay for advertising. As TikTok is still in the early phases of paid media, there is less to no competition, which allows for more reach and engagement, at a lower CPM.  Our clients got up to 600% more views with the same budget that they would normally invest elsewhere. You simply get more results in return for your investment! Don’t wait too long, just as with Facebook & Instagram growing your account wil become more and more expensive overtime.

#2 Save time, money & go viral!

You don’t have to pay an expensive advertising specialist, pay influencers or spend hours creating content hoping to go viral.  It takes 2 minutes to fill in our form; select which video you want to boost, who you want to reach, how many people you want to reach, and we do the rest for you!


#3 Real results guaranteed!

Nobody likes to spend money while not knowing what you will get in return. With Boost Your TikTok we have created advertising packages that guarantee you different amount of views. No bots or fake views, but real potential fans and customers. You decide who you want to target! You can reach new potential fans & customers anytime, in no-time! What happens if we don’t deliver the amount of guaranteed (real) views? Easy: you get a full refund!

Step 1

Select your TikTok video

Step 2

Select your ideal audience

Step 3

Select amount of views

Step 4

Boost your TikTok video


We Have Great Answers 🙂

You can start boosting your TikTok within a couple of minutes. Select who you want to reach, how many people you want to see your content and what TikTok video you want them to see. 

Our team will review your request and start boosting your content within 48 hours!

No! We are an official TikTok partner and use their advertising platform to boost your TikTok! The people that we show your content to are 100% real and targeted based on where they live, age and  interests of your choosing. 

You can cancel your order within the first 6 hours after placing it. Please contact us here. We will refund your order within 48 hours.

If somehow you are not satisfied with what we promised to deliver, you can ask for a full refund here

Our service should be used by any business or personal brand that benefits from more relevant exposure, and don’t want to spend countless of hours on growing their TikTok account or getting more website traffic.